terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009


Life in the world is bad.
People suffer, people other give orders to kill.
People die, people other hide quite a few.
Maybe is time to give time a break, time for wondering, to rethink on our own selves.
We are beautiful, we conquered the body we have.
We love it, we do not want to die, nor rich, nor poor.
A writer should know how to write, a painter should recognize from his paints ancient memories, so should the lion eat not from men.
A man can become a friend of the lion, and that we all know for sure.
A man has choices to make up on his believes, feelings, intentions, purposes.
By the way, life has a purpose. We did not just born to die.
We did born, we did build this body of ours, from uniting two cells of two different beens. We don’t know how we did it, we know we did it.
We gained, from almost nothing, to this huge been, and thinker.
Lions do think, do kill man, but not a friend.
Lions are alive to, they too united two cells, and bigger than ours.
They are strong, they live as kings, but their kindgons do have better societies.
They are happy, look that way to me, with their numbers, but they are dying too, and it is not their fault, we all know that.
Life came out the dark, life will go back then to dark.
While lighted, we should agree better on our similarities.
Peace is a matter of conscience and each of us has one.
Act is a matter of affirmation, and each of us is capable to affirm that comprehends and respect the other. We are not monkeys. We are butterflies to be, larves building homes.
We are not just the same soul, we are the same body.
All that maintain ourselves alive is the incomprehension of injustices.
We don’t need to be rich to be happy. We need to be rich to know how better it is from being poor. We need to be poor to be generous. We need to learn about modesty, to be humble. We need, maybe, to be powerful to build beauty, to spread welfare, to go to tv, to buy the cameras, the computers, the equipments, to inform us that we are the light that feeds our surroundings. We are here to clean the dirty of others and we do need someone else behind us to clean up ours. Nobody lives alone. Nobody survive after birth without a mother, a father, a brother, sister, or a friend.
Nobody. Not even light would survive without darkness.
Equal we learn how to respect.
Equal we learn we all have tasks, needs.
Equal we comprehend that we are all different, all, there is nothing, not a single dot of light identical to other.
Equal we comprehend we all know how to talk, to share, to smile.
Equal we respect – completely – each others doubts.
Equal we comprehend none of us know about life and we may all come to the point of actually comprehend that equal we know more than nothing and we may conclude that the wiser man is the one who knows a lot, not everyone knowing anything. Who knows nothing, by the way, knows less than who knows his name.
A cell, a light, a been… an intelligent way of start thinking about origins.
Why origins? To find out destinies.
We didn’t learn about life just to die.
We need learn to fly.
Butter doesn’t fly.
We shall learn with butterflies, to understand ourselves on our way to born.

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